Plastic Cryobox Rack

Optimal Thermostability with Maxxline Plastic Cryobox Racks

When looking for the best cryogenic vial storage boxes, the Maxxline Plastic Cryobox Racks offer the best in class Cryo Box Storage on the market.
Each Maxxline plastic cryobox rack is manufactured from a unique blend of high-quality polypropylene to give an optimal thermostability. Maxxline plastic cryogenic vial storage boxes can withstand cryo box storage temperatures as low as -150°C and autoclaving at +121°C.

Cryo Box Storage in multiple size options

Maxxline plastic cryogenic vial storage boxes are supplied in two sizes, a 9×9 cryobox rack and a 10×10 cryobox rack. Maxxline 9×9 cryogenic storage boxes are a great fit for most cryo box storage applications. Maxxline 10×10 cryogenic vial storage boxes offer 23% more storage and would be ideal for labs storing large numbers of samples.
Both size variants of Maxxline cryogenic vial storage boxes have a footprint of 130mmx130mm that will fit in most standard cryo box storage racks. Maxxline 9×9 cryogenic vial storage boxes are supplied in three height variants while Maxxline 10×10 cryobox racks can be ordered in five height variants.

Maxxline Cryobox Racks for Easy sample management

All Maxxline plastic cryobox racks feature an alphanumeric coding system that is molded into the plastic for easy sample sorting. The assorted colors allow for visual sample segregation while in cryo box storage.
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