Maxxline Innovation

Maxxline has acquired extensive experience and expertise in the production of plastic consumables for laboratories since 1999.

The market demands products that ensure and optimize the productivity and provides greater process reliability. Maxxline reflects innovative “ways and means” for the production of plastic products combined with focus on the hightest level of quality.

Based on this we have developed a new unique product – Maxxline Cryo Tubes with a StraightLine ™ design

Our Maxxline Cryo Tubes is a new product, with surprising properties. A unique star when it comes to the storing of biological material, human or animal cells for research. Like the Sea Star with its five arms our Maxxline Cryo Tubes stand solid on five feet.

We work exclusively with the best materials and product desings that optimizes the manufacturing. The material use and the power consumption are kept to a minimum.

Our products are produced of raw materials compliant to applicable regulations and standards, and are free of any substances considered dangerous for the environment.