Maxxline Cryopreservation Solutions

We understand that the sample is to Life Sciences what the blood is to the human body. Nothing can destroy a research project faster than failing to preserve the precious samples that provide insights into the fathomless depths of discovery. We have meticulously crafted the Maxxline brand of cryopreservation solutions to provide excellent value in the cryopreservation storage of priceless life science samples. This article will provide you with a synopsis of the outstanding features we carved into our cryopreservation solutions for your laboratory.

Maxxline Cryopreservation Solutions

Ultimate Cryopreservation Storage

Maxxline cryovials offer the best experience in cryopreservation storage of biological and chemical fluids. Featuring a streamlined pseudo-unibody polypropylene construction that masks their external thread design, these robust cryovials provide a space efficient cryopreservation solution for the most high-stakes research projects. The ergonomic external thread design and star-foot bottoms allow for one-handed opening and closing of each cryovial. Both sterile and non-sterile Maxxline cryovials are compatible with automated cryopreservation solutions.

Maxxline Cryopreservation Solutions

Automated Cryopreservation Solution

No cryopreservation solution is complete without a robust sorting system for samples in cryopreservation storage. Maxxline cryovials with barcodes feature a barcode system that is fully customizable to meet the cryopreservation storage needs of each laboratory. This cryopreservation solution enables quick, error-free sample sorting and identification. Maxxline cryovials with barcodes are the perfect cryopreservation solution for automation-ready laboratories and every lab that prioritizes high-order organization of samples in cryopreservation storage.

Easy Sample Identification

Designed for easy sample sorting and categorization, these colorful cap inserts are the perfect complement to Maxxline cryovials for cryopreservation storage. The six color variants (red, green, purple, yellow, white, and blue) can be combined to create a cryopreservation solution with multiple sample sorting possibilities.

Maxxline Cryopreservation Solutions

Flexibile high-quality cryopreservation storage

Maxxline cardboard cryoboxes sit indomitably at the nexus of cryopreservation storage and environmental stewardship. Made from high-quality, moisture-resistant cardboard, these cryoboxes offer an affordable cryopreservation solution for labs seeking to do their part in protecting the environment. Maxxline cardboard cryoboxes can be ordered in two footprints that will meet the cryopreservation storage demands of most labs regardless of space restrictions.

Durable Cryopreservation Solutions

When durability and reliability are vital to your cryopreservation storage needs, Maxxline plastic cryoboxes are the solution. Each rack is made from the same premium quality polypropylene formulation used in Maxxline cryovials, providing a hard-wearing cryopreservation solution. Supplied in two variants (9×9 and 10×10) Maxxline plastic cryoboxes withstand the ultra-low temperatures of cryopreservation storage (-150°C) and the sweltering temperatures of autoclaving (121°C). Molded alphanumeric graduations make quick work of sample sorting for easy retrieval from cryopreservation storage.

Cryopreservation storage with extended options

No cryopreservation solution is ever complete without considering the ever popular 15mL and 50mL conical tubes. Available in two grid layouts (12 and 25 place) these durable polypropylene boxes feature an innovative vented design that facilitates rapid freezing of samples in cryopreservation storage. Maxxline 15mL and 50mL conical tube storage boxes offer best-in-class cryopreservation storage for the conical and centrifuge tubes that perfectly complements our other cryopreservation solutions.

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