Responding to a Global Pandemic

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Coronavirus Lab Equipment: Responding to a Global Pandemic

The year 2021 has begun with a new normal that was ushered in by the 2020 global pandemic. As healthcare providers continue mounting a brave fight against the disease, the AHN Biotechnologie GmbH team has been doing its part to empower the heroes on the frontlines by providing the necessary lab supplies for coronavirus testing. See how AHN is Responding To the Global Pandemic here. We have come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic and in this article, we will outline some of the key highlights of AHN Biotechnologie’s efforts towards supplying the COVID-19 lab supplies that are empowering lab personnel around the world.

Connecting with the roots of our Coronavirus Lab Equipment

We (AHN Biotechnologie GmbH) are a Germany-based manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and consumables. Having been active players in this industry for over two decades, our team was well primed to play a leading role in the supply of coronavirus lab equipment from the onset of the global pandemic. By leveraging our manufacturing experience we were able to channel our production resources towards COVID-19 lab supplies as soon as the virus became a global threat. Our resolve remains strong and we will continue supplying the best coronavirus lab equipment until the pandemic is officially ended.

Purpose-driven Lab Supplies for Coronavirus

At AHN Biotechnologie GmbH, we are driven by a belief in a world where good healthcare is readily available for all global citizens no matter where they live. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only shown the importance of good health access for everyone, but it has also magnified the importance of swift diagnostics as a fundamental aspect of the global health strategy. It is from this basis that we have committed ourselves to develop COVID-19 lab supplies that empower diagnostic laboratories with the tools that they require to be efficient in their work. We have good reason to believe that our coronavirus lab equipment has not only enabled swift delivery of care to the people that needed it the most in the past several months but that it will continue doing so for countless others.

Delivering high-quality COVID-19 Lab Supplies

All Maxxline branded lab supplies for coronavirus testing bear international marks of quality, reflecting our commitment to providing only the best COVID-19 lab supplies. All our COVID-19 lab supplies are monitored to ensure strict adherence to quality guidelines. Staff members working along the coronavirus lab equipment production and supply chain are regularly screened to ensure that our COVID-19 lab supplies are free from the virus. So, whether you order Maxxline vaccine storage boxes or Maxxline cryovials, you can have the confidence and assurance of receiving safe, high-quality lab supplies for coronavirus workflows.

Demand sensitive Lab Supplies for Coronavirus testing

When it became clear that the pandemic was becoming larger than previously anticipated, we received several requests for new forms of COVID-19 lab supplies. This swift surge in demand for these new forms of lab supplies for coronavirus sample processing required extra production capacity that was beyond what we could provide. However, this did not deter us and we invested in new production technologies that have allowed us to produce top-notch coronavirus lab equipment that will meet the urgent demand for reliable COVID-19 lab supplies. Among the latest additions to our portfolio of lab supplies for coronavirus workflows are the Maxxline 2 mL vials with separate lids currently being manufactured at a rate of 3 million units a month.

Coronavirus Lab Equipment showcase

As we wrap up this article, we will highlight some of our lab supplies for coronavirus testing and screening that have made a difference in several labs around the world. The first product line on our coronavirus lab equipment showcase is the eco-friendly and ultra-portable Maxxline vaccine storage box. These are the perfect COVID-19 lab supplies for coronavirus vaccine storage and transportation. Maxxline 2 mL vials have been our most sought-after lab supplies for coronavirus sample storage. With the addition of two new variants of 2 mL vials with separate lids to our portfolio of coronavirus lab equipment, we can provide more diagnostic laboratories with the COVID-19 lab supplies that they need the most. Last and certainly one of the best of our coronavirus lab equipment are our Schild Line® face masks that have shielded many frontline personnel from contracting the virus.

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